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How to Adopt an Adult in Texas

Is there an adult in your life who acts like a child? Or maybe you've married someone who has adult children, and you want them to inherit from you and enjoy other benefits of being in a parent-child relationship?

While there used to be limited reasons to adopt an adult, now there are definite financial benefits for an adult adoption. For example, now that children can be covered by a parent's medical insurance until they turn 26, adopting an adult child could allow that person to stay on your insurance.

So how do you adopt an adult in Texas?

In general, an adult adoption is much simpler than a child adoption.

A child adoption is usually a difficult and drawn out process because of the protections given to the child. For example, in the situation of a minor stepchild, one needs to get consent to adopt from the birth parent.

In other types of child adoption, there are requirements such as a home study, where a worker from Child Protective Services will determine the adequacy of your home by checking your financial situation, marital situation, career, physical and mental health, and criminal history.

However, in an adult adoption, the law only requires that the adoptive parent file a petition with the court to adopt the adult, and provide written proof that the adult to be adopted consents to the adoption. Without the consent there could be very odd results with people adopting each other willy-nilly.

This process is easy enough that you might not need a local family lawyer, but they're always there if you run into trouble. It may also be wise to consult an attorney before entering into an adult adoption, to make sure you're aware of all of the potential legal consequences.

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