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Ex-Houston Rocket Pleads No Contest to Choking Ex-Girlfriend

Just when you thought you'd heard enough about domestic violence and celebrities, there's something new hitting the airwaves.

This time, it's Los Angeles Lakers forward Jordan Hill who has pleaded no contest to attacking his now ex-girlfriend Darlene Luna, according to the Los Angeles Times. Hill had been playing for the Rockets until March 2012 when he was traded to L.A. However, he was back in Houston to enter his plea of no contest to a misdemeanor assault on a family member, which is a break from his original charge of felony assault on a family member.

The plea to a misdemeanor allows Hill to continue playing basketball, but he must still attend domestic violence counseling, pay a $500 fine and donate $100 to the Harris County domestic violence fund, according to the Times. He'll also face one year of probation.

Domestic violence is often not reported because victims feel helpless after being harmed by someone they felt close to. This can allow an abuser to continue his or her actions until there is a breaking point with the victim, either because of physical injury or because the victim leaves the relationship to seek support elsewhere.

However, as Jordan Hill's case shows, police will respond to allegations of domestic violence and arrest the perpetrator. Indeed, laws have been changed to allow police to arrest alleged perpetrators without actually witnessing the act.

In addition, you can get a temporary restraining order to stop the abuser from coming near you or contacting you. If the abuser violates the TRO, it is easier for the police to protect you by arresting the abuser again.

If children are involved, getting a TRO can help in gaining full custody of the children. It also would be good evidence if you are looking to end the other parent's parental rights.

Bottom line: If you are in a domestic violence situation, you need to let others know about your issue. If needed, you can always contact a lawyer to discuss the possibility of a TRO.

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