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Dallas Mother Tries to Sell Child in Classifieds; That'll Work

It has probably crossed every parent's mind at one point while they're raising their children. That thought that maybe they could just use some time away from the kids and regroup and refresh.

One woman took this idea to the extreme and thought that maybe she could profit off of it in the meantime. Brittany Hill, a Dallas mother, thought that $4,000 was a fair price for her baby, so she allegedly put the baby boy "Eden" up for sale in the classifieds, reports WFAA TV. A woman from out of state traveled to Dallas to purchase the boy, but then got cold feet and called the cops.

Apartment managers went to Hill's apartment and found it empty except for baby Eden in a crib. Hill returned to the home and was arrested soon afterwards, reports WALB. The mother was charged with abandonment with intent to return, which is a felony.

The child was put into Child Protective Services custody while the mother was put into her own custody and questioned. After questioning, Hill said she was not trying to sell the child, but instead to get enough money to pay for the adoption fees and lawyer fees.

While this sounds like a rare event, it seems to grab headlines every month or so in a different state. In the last few months there was a woman who tried to sell her baby in Delaware, another woman in Canada tried to sell her child for $500 last year, and another Delaware woman tried to sell a man her baby for $15,000.

This trend seems odd considering that any child may be put up for adoption, as long as they are in the state when the paperwork is filed. Further, there are many types of adoption options for parents that cannot take care of their child.

So if you feel that you can't take care of your child, don't be like Brittany Hill in Dallas and try to sell the child, look at the options available and find one that works for you. Also, just because you don't want the child doesn't mean you can act that way and leave them somewhere, there are laws against that.

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