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Matthew McConaughey Married in Austin -- After Six Years Together

It finally happened, Texas' sexy screen idol Matthew McConaughey got married in Austin to his girlfriend of 6 years and mother to his children, Camila Alves, reports People Magazine. Sorry ladies, there might have been a chance when she was just his baby momma, now there is none.

The couple had a sunset wedding, which included John Mellencamp singing psalms during the catholic ceremony, reports the Houston Chronicle. There were other celebrities in the audience, including Kenny Chesney, Woody Harrelson, and Reese Witherspoon. The couple provided two person tents scattered across their property for the guests to use, according to People.

So now that Camila Alves is Camila McConaughey, let's see what else marriage in Texas has in store.

First of all, Alves has changed her name. This process can be complicated, especially for someone who works in multiple fields and has children like Alves. The complication in the process is not the actual name change, as this is merely a form that is filed with your county clerk. The difficulty is changing your name on all governmental identification, at your children's schools, and all of your financial information.

Next are your finances. With Matt and Camila, they have probably already figured out things like joint checking accounts and the like. In fact, they may have laid out a prenupital agreement just to be safe.

This is especially important because for all the years that the couple was together but not married, any money earned by either was their separate property and not the couple's property. That means that unless they co-mingle all their funds now, they will be entitled to keep the money they earned prior to marriage without having to split it under Texas' community property law.

With those out of the way, now they just need to work on the most important part of marriage, staying together! Texas must be glad that its native son Matthew McConaughey got married in Austin, and it would love to see his kids raised in true Texas fashion.

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