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Flavor Flav Always a Public Enemy, No Longer a Deadbeat Dad?

Flavor Flav, a.k.a. William Jonathan Drayton Jr., is indeed an unforgettable character. The easily recognizable hype man for Public Enemy stands out anywhere while wearing his giant clock necklace. This piece of fashion stands out more than usual when Flav is in a courtroom discussing his child support payment with a judge, reports TMZ.

Flav was behind some $111,186 and facing 180 days in jail if he did not pay, according to the New York Daily News. Instead of paying a lump sum, the judge allowed Flav to pay $25,000 to the mother of three of his seven children, along with $1,200 a month to help reduce his debt.

Child support can be obtained either through an amicable agreement between the parents or by going through the court system and forcing the parent to pay up. To qualify for child support, you have to be the custodial parent, or at least have joint custody of the child.

If you can't come to an agreement with the other parent, or even find the other parent, then you will have some work to do to get child support. First of all, you will need to find the other parent, which you can get assistance doing from Texas' Child Support Division of the Attorney General's office. If you know the other parent is incarcerated, there is a handy guide that the CSD provides to help you through the process.

Once you've found the other parent, you need to make sure they are the actual parent of the child if it is in question by proving paternity. This too can be done either by private testing or by court ordered testing.

After that groundwork is laid, you can go to the court to obtain a ruling in your favor. All of this can be done through the CSD, including applying for assistance and collecting support payments.

Now that you have the CSD working with you, you can notify the authorities when there is not payment and they will help you get the money from the other parent that you need to support your child or children.

Flavor Flav's case is a good example of how working with the law will make everyone happy and not have anyone end up in jail.

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