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DMX Divorce Not a Surprise to Reality TV Fans

Unsurprisingly, DMX’s wife Tashera Simmons has filed for divorce this week after separating in 2010 and trying to reconcile on the TV show “Couple's Therapy,” according to the Houston Chronicle. DMX, a.k.a. Earl Simmons, learned the reconciliation did not work on the season finale of the show, where his soon to be ex proclaimed she wanted a divorce, writes the Chronicle.

Can't say that when you start on a reality show about reconciliation that there really is a chance of it, especially if you've already been separated for over a year. In fact, the producers probably had the feuding couple on the show because they knew they could convince either spouse to wait until the final show to reveal that a divorce was wanted.

Could this mean that DMX doesn't have to split the money he earned from taking part in the show?

As in Texas, Arizona is a community property state. This means that all money earned during a marriage is split equally between the spouses upon divorce. However, if a couple is legally separated (prior to divorce), then all money earned by either spouse is their own separate property. This would be helpful to DMX who, as reported by XXL Magazine, has had some money problems in the past.

If DMX gets to keep that money, there will still be the issue of the couple's debt. Like earnings, debts accrued during a marriage are split evenly during divorce. However, any debts gained after separation are again the problem of the one who obtained the credit. Both spouses will also need to make sure there are no joint accounts still open, in the case that one decides that they need a little help.

The last thing DMX needs to deal with is a divorce, but it's what to expect when you're on the "Couple's Therapy" show.

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