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Should the Lip Dub Proposal Be Followed By Actual Prenup?

KHOU-TV has reported on an elaborate lip dub marriage proposal in Portland, Oregon and thinks that Houston wants to see it. Based on the pre-production time spent on this video, it is clear why it has been viewed over 8 million times.

With the amount of time Isaac Lamb spent on that proposal, you wonder if he thought of the legal ramifications of marriage. Yes, it's great to spend the rest of your life with someone, but what about when that dream is crushed by the reality that approximately 50% of marriages fail?

In case you missed it, or wanted to see it again, here’s the lip dub proposal.

The first question the happy couple should be asking, but are probably not (being artists and all), is whether a prenuptial agreement is something they should do. The Oregonian reports that both work in theater in Portland, and that the bride to be, Amy Frankel, worked on Broadway in New York City prior to moving to Portland.

The first consideration when deciding whether to enter into a prenup is if either partner has extensive assets or if one partner is in a profession that carries the risk of being sued. The other important consideration is whether one partner has excessive debts.

Now, Texas is a community property state, which means that anything obtained while married is owned by both partners, equally. Without a prenup, assets owned by one partner could become a “gift” to the community and would be split 50/50 if there were a divorce.

Based on what’s been reported about this happy couple, it seems like if they were living in Houston they would be just fine without a prenup. It is possible that Frankel accumulated a good deal of money from her time on Broadway. But, it’s more likely she was able to make a solid living and has modest assets.

Lamb, on the other hand, being an actor trained at a private college, may have some debt that he would like Frankel to avoid. Or, he may be fabulously wealthy from family inheritance. In either case, a prenup would help to determine where that debt or inheritance would be placed in the case of divorce.

With such energy put into the now famous lip dub proposal, it seems like Isaac Lamb will do anything to assure this marriage works. Let’s just hope that there were some lawyers dancing with the crowd if something goes awry.

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