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Neon Deion Wins This Round Against Estranged Wife Pilar Sanders

If you haven't heard about Deion and Pilar's divorce, you either don't care about celebrity gossip, or you don't have Internet access. Their highly publicized spat and first person twitter accounts of the divorce process have made an ugly celebrity divorce even more public than usual.

Earlier this week, the family court fallout from their April 23 scuffle finally came to fruition. After the fight, both Deion and Pilar were charged with misdemeanor assault. Both turned to the family law court and sought restraining orders against the other and custody of the children.

This time, Neon Deion won, reports CBS 8 San Diego.

Deion’s story is that Pilar attacked him. She came into the separate kitchen, which is attached to his bedroom, and started kicking the door. She began slapping him, so he picked her up by the waist and carried her out of his bedroom. Then his wife and her friend both began to attack him.

Pilar had an injured lip after the fight, but the officer who investigated the incident testified that it appeared to be from her biting her lip. He also testified that he didn’t see any evidence of an attack on Pilar.

Based on that testimony, and other evidence, the court granted Deion’s restraining order and denied Pilar’s request. He also granted temporary custody of the children to Deion. Minimizing the changes in the children’s lives probably played some part in the custody ruling, as Deion has sole possession of the house.

Ordinarilly, because Texas is a community property state, the house is the property of both spouses. However, Deion’s house is his separate property, probably due to either a premarital agreement or due to the source of the funds used to purchase it.

Deion Sanders’ response to the ruling came swiftly and exuberantly, via Twitter. “GOD IS SO GOOD! DON’T EVER DOUBT HIM NO MATTER HOW YOUR SITUATION LOOKS. TRUST HIM PLEASE. HE IS SO FAITHFUL.”

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