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Five Ways to be a Mommy in Texas

Mother’s Day is Sunday. ‘Tis quite the important day, celebrating the person responsible for our life, our birth, and the genetic code that leads to our charm and good looks.

In light of the miracle of motherhood, and in appreciation for our mothers, we’d like to bring you five ways to join the party and create your own little miracles.

The Old Fashioned Way

Ahh, the old cabernet and Marvin Gaye way. Really, what more is there to say about the good ol’ fashioned way of having a kid. The only way we can be of help here, besides providing you with the greatest song on the Waffle House jukebox, is to set you up on a date, so go check out your nearest free dating site, such as OkCupid! or Oh and the legal issues? Please do remember that biological parents have many rights but also responsibilities toward their children.


So, maybe you’ve tried, over and over and over again. Marvin Gaye is like nails on a chalkboard at this point. Surrogacy is an alternative that is growing in popularity. However, there is a great deal of prep work and legal ground to cover before you commit to a surrogacy arrangement. Please, do not post a craigslist ad requesting a surrogate parent and please do consult a lawyer.

Luckily for you, Texas has some of the most favorable laws for surrogacy in the country. Donated sperm, eggs, and embryos, with the proper consents and paperwork, result in the intended parents having the rights to the resulting child. Gestational agreements, where a third party carries a baby for intended parents, genetically related to the child or not, are enforced as well. This helps prevent th nightmare battles between intended parents and genetic or birth parents. The documents and intent control.

Adoption and Foster Parenting

If you are interested in adoption, the Texas Adoption Resources Exchange (TARE) is a wonderful place to start. In addition to profiles of children awaiting homes, the site also has resources on how to become an adoptive parent or a foster parent.

Foster parenting is a noble alternative to permanent parenting. Often times, children only need temporary homes while their parents get their lives together. Instead of being a parent to one or two children, you can be a parent to many children and change their lives for the better. TARE has a ton of resources on foster parenting requirements, reimbursements, and links to other state resources.


Though stepparents appear last on this list, they are just as important in many children’s lives. You’ve married someone who already had children from a previous marriage. You’ve been raising them as your own. It is important, therefore, to consider your rights as a parent. Adoption, if the other parents agree, is an important way to make your legal status match your relationship at home. It will ensure that if something happens to your spouse, you can still take care of, and maintain a relationship with, your stepchild.

No matter the method of motherhood, know that you, the mothers of the world, are appreciated. Have a spectacular Mother’s Day.

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