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Father Tapes Autistic Son at School: Reveals Bullying

No one can stand the thought of a child getting bullied. But it is perhaps even worse when the child is challenged in some way. However, finding that his autistic son was being bullied at school was exactly what Stuart Chaifetz found after he used a wire to tape his son at school, reports Yahoo!.

Stuart Chaifetz became suspicious after he watched his son Akian acting contrary to his usual behavior. After many months of wondering and fretting he finally put a wire on his son to listen in on what was going on. Chaifetz came to learn that his son had been going through the most hurtful and painful kind of bullying imaginable.

Learning Texas Surrogacy Law in Light of Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic is the E! News host who recently announced that she would be having a child through a surrogate, as reported by The Boston Globe.

Rancic’s surrogacy announcement is due to the fact that she has been going through breast cancer treatment and because previous attempts at pregnancy did not pan out.

Single Fathers Versus Single Mothers

Single fathers, though not as recognized as the single mother in the popular imagination, (largely due to the fact that single mothers far exceed single fathers in numbers) are out there. And they are growing in ever increasing numbers.

However, despite the fact that single mothers out-number single fathers, it turns out that among the single fathers that are out there, they out-earn single mothers, reports Livestrong.

First Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Divorce From Wife

The world's first pregnant man, Thomas Beatie of Oregon, was recently divorced from his wife, reports the Huffington Post. Thomas Beatie is the father of three children named Susan, Austin, and Jensen.

While a great deal of attention will be placed on the novelty of Thomas Beatie's pregnancy, or perhaps, about Nancy Beatie's reactions to being married to a pregnant man, as the divorce unfolds, the most important characters in the saga will be the three children. Even if the parents are the world's pioneers in gender-and-genetics-bending, how and what child custody arrangement is set up during the divorce proceedings is perhaps the most critical part of the split.

Killer Co-sleeping: Death of Second Baby in Two Years?

Sometimes tragedy strikes in multiples and that seems to have been the case in the household of Vanessa Clark, a Texas mother who has been charged in the death of her second baby in two years under almost the same circumstances as the first, reports HLN.

The second child, Tristian, who died when he was two-months-old, was most likely killed as a result of co-sleeping. The same issue, co-sleeping, was also a consideration in the death of the one-month-old Christian a year earlier. Vanessa Clark has been convicted of child endangerment in Tristian's death.

How to Deal with a Bully in a Houston School

There are millions of students in Houston area public and private schools who beyond education, gain a number of life experiences at school. One of the negative life experiences faced by some children is the specter of bullying. Houston area parents are right to be concerned about bullying, as it can stunt social growth, cause emotional damage, and in some extreme cases, lead the victims to hurt themselves.

As such, it is important for parents and children to know how to deal with a bully in a Houston school. Here are a few tips.

RHOA Reunion: Sheree Child Support Issues Push Her to Tears

It would seem that the reality show, Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), tends to draw people from all across the South and the rest of the U.S., so it makes sense to discuss what happened on last night's reunion show on this blog, particularly as it pertains to some family law matters.

The most significant family law matter to come up in the RHOA union was Sheree Whitfield's tearful reminder about the unpaid child support that her ex-husband Bob Whitfield owes her, reports Gather.

Reimbursement and Lump Sum Alimony: What's The Difference?

There is an A word that haunts marriage. And then there is an A word that haunts divorce. Author Nathanial Hawthorne knows about the former. FindLaw knows about the latter, namely, alimony.

There are various different kinds of alimony out there. And you should know about them if you are getting divorced, because it will allow you greater flexibility in making (or receiving alimony payments).

Two of the lesser known alimonies are covered in this post, they are: reimbursement alimony, and lump sum alimony. Here is a brief overview.

Ricki Lake Elopes and Marries Christian Evans

Ricki Lake, the star of Hairspray, and former talk show host, recently decided to get married to her fiancee Christian Evans, but did so by eloping, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Eloping to get married is not really a legal concept per se, in that it basically involves carrying out all the protocols of a wedding without really informing people. But that does not change the fact that a contract has been entered into.

And, ultimately, any marriage is a contract.

Taxes After a Divorce: Deductions and Other Issues

Just because you got divorced from your spouse doesn't mean that all your taxes are also totally divorced from each other's.

Not only do you have to show your taxes to each other for purposes of calculcating child support, there are a number of other instances where tax issues associated with a divorce might come up.

One of these is on the question of deductions after divorce. Below is a list of the important deductions along with some explanation:

So You Want To Bring a Foreign Spouse To America

With global travel and the internet and social media bringing the world ever closer, all sorts of Americans are meeting and marrying all sorts of people (in fact, films like Yellow Fever by Debbie Lum have started documenting this phenomenon).

Obviously, once you get married to a foreign national, you really only have two options. You go to their home country and marry there, or bring them back here to the United States and marry here.

If you want to bring a foreign spouse to America, you better start getting your paperwork in order.

Russell Brand Leaves Katy Perry Home with a Quitclaim Deed

Although Katy Perry's divorce was relatively painless despite the amount of the money involved, there are still some matters to be sorted out.

One of these involved Russell Brand leaving Katy Perry's home in California, as reported by Houston Chronicle.

To be more specific, he gave up his stake in the $6.5 million he used to share with his once-wife. The legal method Russell Brand used to leave Katy Perry's home involved a quitclaim deed.

Alec Baldwin Engaged To Yoga Instructor Hilaria Thomas

The star of 30 Rock, Alec Baldwin, is engaged to a yoga instructor by the name of Hilaria Thomas, reports MTV.

This will be of note to many Texans, because Alec Baldwin was previously married to a famous southern girl, Kim Basinger, for more than a decade. They have a daughter named Ireland.

As for Alec Baldwin’s new fiancee, Hilaria Thomas was born in Mallorca, Spain, but has been based in New York for some time reports USA Today.