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Word of Snooki's Engagement Trickling Out

The reality star, Snooki, from the (somehow) hit show Jersey Shore, is getting engaged to Jionni LaValle, reports E!Online.

Snooki is pregnant with LaValle's child as well.

Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, could garner more attention from the reality show world with the engagement. She already has a spin-off show with fellow co-star JWoww in the works. In that show the two girls live in Jersey City (so basically New York, but still in New Jersey; it is important to be authentic).

So, with a baby and a possible wedding on the way, Snooki isn’t just reality show double trouble, she also offers multiple ways of thinking about Texas family law (thanks Snook).

One of these is the question of paternity.

Under Texas paternity law, a child born to a man and woman who are not married has no legal father. There is a difference between a biological father and a legal father. When the child’s parents complete an Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) to establish legal fatherhood, this helps to secure the legal rights of the child and the father. Obviously if Snooki were having her baby in Texas, this wouldn’t be an issue, because LaValle and Snooki are reportedly going to be married. However, this might still be an instructive thing for Texas couples that have gotten pregnant and are subsequently trying to figure out whether or not to have a marriage.

For more information on the issue of paternity please see below. And if you would like other lessons that can be taken away from Snooki’s life, you might think about things like prenuptial agreements, and maybe a career as a reality show star. O.k. maybe not that one.

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