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Dennis Quaid's Third Wife Divorces Him

Dennis Quaid's third wife will be divorcing him in Texas, reports The Associated Press.

Kimberly Buffington's divorce of Dennis Quaid occurred in Travis County and asks for spousal support and attorney's fees. Parties close to the matter believe that there will be a written agreement in place soon.

The couple are also parents to two children, twins named Zoe and Thomas, who were born in 2007.

Under a temporary order regarding the custody of the children, Kimberly Buffington will be allowed to use the family house in Austin, while Dennis Quaid lives nearby.

Quaid's twins have been in the news before, specifically in 2007 when they almost died due to an overdose of blood thinner. Eventually Quaid and Buffington agreed to a $500,000 settlement with the hospital.

Dennis Quaid has previously been married to P.J. Soles and to actress Meg Ryan. Buffington was not an actress; she was previously a real estate agent. Quaid and Meg Ryan have one son.

So far the divorce and child custody seems amicable and problem free, and both parties will be hoping to keep it that way.

Texas is one of those states where interference with child custody or visitation can lead to a civil lawsuit, according to Texas Family Code Chapter 42.

According to the statute, if there is an order in place (either in Texas or in another state), which allows a person possession or access to a child in visitation or custody, and another person interferes with "the possessory right" then that person might be liable for damages.

With the amount of money it costs to get divorced and set up a child custody issue, surely neither party will want to get involved in another case.

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