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Working Moms Happiest, But Should Worry About Divorce

In what is likely to be great news for all the moms trying to find a good work-home balance, a recent study found that working moms are happiest, reports Salon.

The working mom study, published in December's Journal of Family Psychology, says that working mothers are healthier and happier than stay-at-home mothers.

The one catch with the study is that while it takes data over ten years, the decade is from 1991 onwards. Also, the study may not be entirely correct, as it focused mostly on part-time working moms, notes Salon. Obviously there is a great deal of a difference between a full-time working mom and a part-time working mom, which the working mom study may have ignored.

Still, the study suggests that working and raising a family do not have to be mutually exclusive. And this idea, if taken to its logical conclusion, would mean that as American couples divorce, there will be many couples where the woman will have at least some earning power.

This could make a significant difference in terms of the alimony and child support discussion.

Generally speaking, child support is calculated through complex child support guidelines. One of the guiding principles in the guidelines is of balancing the father's income and the mother's income. This requires each parent being obligated to detail their entire financial situation. A stay-at-home mom that did not work part-time, let's say, would generally receive more child support than a mom that worked and had a financially viable career. The same of course, would go for a stay-at-home or part-time dad.

If you're a working mom and considering divorce you should definitely speak to an attorney before entering into any support agreements.

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