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89-Year-Old Vet's Guardian Seeks To Have His Marriage Annulled

Jewell Hall, an 89-year-old WWII veteran with dementia, may have his marriage to his former caretaker Marjorie Messer annulled, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Jewell Hall’s marriage to 58-year-old Marjorie Messer came about when he was looking for a caretaker after the death of his wife of six decades. A waitress named Patty recommended her cousin Marjorie. Shortly thereafter, Hall and Messer tied the knot.

A few days after the ceremony, Messer withdrew nearly $17,000 from Hall’s bank account and placed the money into a new joint bank account at her bank. Hall later disinherited his three children in his will and named his new wife as the recipient of everything, including medical and financial powers of attorney.

After other suspicious incidents, Adult Protective Services stepped in, particularly when they saw men that didn't look like movers moving items out of Hall's home. Adult Protective Services was notified after a lawyer in the area had been consulted about deeding Hall's house to his new wife. After APS's involvement it was revealed that Hall had severe dementia.

Now there will be a trial to annul Hall's marriage to Messer.

An annulment occurs when a marriage is considered not valid to begin with. A Texas annulment can occur under a number of circumstances including being underage, sibling marriages, being mentally impotent, mental incompetence, and a host of other reasons including bigamy.

But overall, annulment is designed to protect people much like Jewell Hall who, due to dementia and age, shouldn't be making certain kinds of arrangements.

To learn more about Texas annulment laws, please speak to a local attorney.

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