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Adoption Through Department of Family and Protective Services

Interested in adopting a child in Texas? One of the most rewarding types of adoption can be the adoption of a child through foster care. According to Abilene Reporter-News, many children in state custody have been taken from their biological parents for reasons of abuse or neglect. Perhaps these children are in need of a loving home more than anybody else.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services most often tries to place abused and neglected children with their own biological relatives after the parents have had their parental rights terminated. If the children for some reason cannot be placed with relatives, then they will become adoptable through DFPS.

There are currently hundreds of children available for adoption in the Houston area. Prospective adoptive parents can search for children to adopt on the DFPS website. Many of the children available for adoption are racial minorities, older children, and sibling groups that would like to stay together. The Abilene Reporter-News also states that prospective adoptive parents can learn about adopting or becoming a foster parent by calling (800) 233-3405.

Some people find that the adoption process can be be quite complicated, especially the legal steps that are required to complete the adoption process. For this reason, many prospective adoptive parents will consult with a Houston family law attorney to learn more about adoption laws and adoption court procedures. Specific information about Texas adoption laws can be found through Chapter 162 of the Texas Family Code. Information about adoption laws can also be found through our Related Resource pages.

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