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Houston Ranked As One Of Texas' Best Cities to Raise Kids

BusinessWeek has released their annual rankings of the best places to raise children. With each U.S state, one town and two runner-up cities were chosen as the most family friendly cities based on a number of factors including school performance, number of schools, household expenditures, crime rates, air quality, job growth, family income, museums, parks, theaters, other amenities, and diversity. The selections across the United States were limited to towns that have at least 45,000 residents and a median income between $40,000 and $125,000.

In Texas, BusinessWeek ranked the city of San Marcos as the best place to raise children. The city, which is located between Austin and San Antonio, is said to provide a lot of cultural opportunities with a variety of outdoor recreation through San Marcos River and surrounding parkland.

Houston and San Antonio were ranked as the runner-up cities for the best places to raise children. Perhaps with these rankings, families will want to move to places like the city of Houston. But let's not forget that Houston is also a great place to start any type of family. This might be why there are so many adoption agencies that are gathered in Houston.

With the fourth annual survey of the "Best Places to Raise Your Kids," Texas family law attorneys that focus on adoption might be more drawn toward Houston than ever before. Anybody who is interested in adoption should consider contacting a Houston adoption attorney so that they can learn more about the legal process and requirements.

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