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How Much Child Support Will I Pay?...There's an App For That

Are you having trouble calculating the amount of child support that you should be paying each month? Now, there's an app for that. Apple announced that the Texas Child Support Calculator 2010 app is now available for $6.99 through iTunes.

This application could be a great tool for a Houston family law attorney who needs to quickly calculate the amount of money in child support payments at a trial or in mediation. Non-attorneys can also find this app useful if they're looking for an estimate on how much money in child support that they'll pay or receive.

The Texas Child Support Calculator was released on January 15 and was created by Texas family law attorney Jimmy Verner. Each U.S state has developed its own guidelines to calculate child support, and this app is particularly for Texans. The calculator simply has the user input five variables in order to determine the amount of child support. These variables include whether the user is self employed, the gross annual income of the user, the number of children at issue in court, the cost of health insurance plan for the children, and number of other children the user supporting.

After the user enters in numbers for these five variables, the calculator will spit out a number that should be a good estimate of the monthly child support payment. Of course, there could also be other factors that play into the amount of child support that a person owes. Texas Family Code - Chapter 154 gives specific guidelines for how child support should be calculated and paid.

If you are in the midst of a child custody battle and have child support issues, you may want to consult a Houston family law attorney. For more information about child support in general, please visit our Related Resources.

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